Students Grow a Giving Garden in Guilford County

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A Guilford County school that serves students with special needs will soon grow a garden that will feed others in the community.  Students at Christine Joyner Greene Education Center will soon grow a “Giving” garden thanks to a “Gift of Giving” grant.

The garden will be accessible for everyone, with tools for students who need physical assistance in the garden, things like extended rakes with handles.  “Students all learn in different ways [that] this is a good way to learn and pay it forward as a service learning project,” said Phyllis Page,  CJ Greene CTE teacher.

Students have been learning about food insecurity. They’ve even held canned food drives. But this service learning project is one that hits close to home. They plan on paying it forward to one of their classmates named Mo and his refugee family. “He came here speaking no English. He’s very quick to pick things up, he’s very helpful. Everybody loves him, and he works really hard,” said Page.

Ewald added, “When our vegetables and produce is ready to go, we’ll be sending that home in the spring and all summer long for that family. Then selecting other families. We’d like it to be families with a child with a disability in the Guilford County School system, because our kids can relate to them.”

And while the garden will give students some useful skills, it will also teach one of the most important life lessons of all, compassion. “It means an awful lot. They understand when they’re doing something kind for someone else. They enjoy being a part of that,” said Page.  If you’d like to help out in the garden, click here to become a volunteer.

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