Students at Thomas Jefferson Classical and Lincoln Charter Give Back to Fight Cancer

Students a Thomas Jefferson Classical and Lincoln Charter created the “Talon Challenge” to build upon the rivalry between Thomas Jefferson Classical and Lincoln Charter and to instill an atmosphere of service between the two schools.  Students learned about cancer in their classes leading up to this event and invited cancer survivors in to discuss their experiences and promote awareness.


The students identified the V Foundation as the recipient of all proceeds due to the relevance of NC to the V Foundation, the V Foundation pledge that 100% of direct donations fund cancer research, and the impact of cancer on both communities.

In 2009, the schools decided to sponsor a game ball run, in which the basketball used for the Talon Challenge games would be run from the visiting campus to the hosting campus – in an attempt to raise awareness of the V Foundation and the overall event. The schools also have traditionally sold Talon Challenge shirts to raise money, along with several other fundraisers (Memory/Honor cards, LCS art classes making porcelain pins, selling uniform passes, etc.).

Over the course of this event, LCS and TJCA have raised a total of $65,147.01. At the games, both schools remember the lives of Jimmy V, Stuart Scott, and cancer victims/survivors from each school community.