Students at Acme Delco Middle School Create Kindness Rock Garden

The students built a kindness rock garden in partnership with a neighborhood church who uses our cafeteria on Sundays while they are building a new church.

The point of the rock garden was to do something at the school that was inclusive, positive, and uplifting.  The students wanted to do something to combat the nasty and degrading rhetoric and words that are pervasive in our culture today.  

The garden has proved to be a picturesque addition to the school campus as well as a great conversation piece.  The school’s language arts classes have taken trips out to the rock garden and have chosen different rocks to write about.  The school also utilize the rock garden with our in-school suspension students.  The essays students have written about the rock garden have enabled staff to learn more about the diverse needs of students and how all staff can better serve and reach all students.