Ridgewood Elementary Student Shows Perseverance

Scarlett Salter is a student at Ridgewood Elementary in Winterville NC.  While she regularly shows the character traits of kindness and responsibility, it is perseverance that she has displayed this year to bring joy and happiness to her fellow classmates and teachers.

She began asking her principal, Mrs Leslie Hayes around the second week of school if Ridgewood could have a “Bring Your Pet To School Day.” Scarlett asked over and over again, week after week.  Although Scarlett may have faced disappointments and setbacks in her request she finally persevered and convinced her principal and her teacher why this was an important cause.

She was able to get her dog, Lyla, and three other dogs to visit the school.  She is helping to make Ridgewood a place for all kids to learn, feel loved, valued, and encourage to speak for things that are important to them.