Nash Central Students Preserve History in Their Local Community

 The advanced placement U.S. history class at Nash Central High School is making history and giving back to their local community.

Coach Renny Taylor’s students have spent the last few years creating video documentaries of the local community in Rocky Mount.

The Nash Central students by display a QR code for the documentary on signs for local historical sites.  The QR code allows visitors to capture the code electronically and watch the student-produced YouTube video on their smartphones and tablets.

Taylor said he worked with the city of Rocky Mount Chief Planner Joseth Bocook and the Rocky Mount Department of Parks and Recreation to help get the QR codes on the signs. 

Taylor said the project also helped students better understand the amount of research required for a thorough investigation of history.  Coach Taylor’s class is showing how #Character Matters and how students can use service learning to give back to their community.

You can check out Mr. Taylors Students here: