Heeling our World…One Shoe at a Time

Students at Beaufort Middle School are learning about the world’s barefoot children and have joined the “Heeling Our World” project to help. They are  making KLEM shoes and wearing them to raise awareness and donations.   In the United States, students are working to raise awareness and to give them an avenue for advocacy. Every student gets to make a pair of shoes for a barefoot child. Students will also connect with  someone who has grown up as a barefoot child via Skype to learn first hand of the hardships. In Africa, women will be able to establish shoe-making as a cottage industry in small rural villages. These industries provide free shoes for their children, but also teach them a marketable skill and provide a pathway out of poverty. Through their efforts many children in Africa will receive their first pair of shoes and have a chance for a healthier life.

 For more information on “Heeling Our World” and how you can help or get involved contact Mitch Lewis at mitchlewissculpture@suddenlink.net or Betsy Miller  at betsy.miller@carteretk12.org

Beaufort 2

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