Haynes-Inman Students Practice Civic Duty By Voting In Mock Election

Check out the video of Hayne’s Inman students practicing good choices in a mock election and showing how Character Matters.  Haynes-Inman in Jamestown serves more than 100 Guilford County Schools students, from prekindergarten to young adult, most with cognitive and/or physical disabilities.

The staff and faculty at Haynes Inman work hard to promote character and civic responsibility to parents, students, and community members. This activity ties into a major part of the curriculum at Haynes-Inman: choices. As they made their voting choices, students at the school used different methods to say “yes” to a candidate. Some might point or grab at a photo, or a staff member’s arm. Others might use a word or vocalization. Some have charts with basic words to point at or buttons to press to play a recorded phrase aloud. Teachers there use a variety of strategies to help students with limited language skills express their preferences and gain control over experiences.

When students finished, teachers helped them put their ballots into a ballot box and gave them each an “I voted” sticker.

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