Erwin Montessori Students Show Character During Difficult Times

On April 15, 2018 Erwin Montessori, lost their school in Greensboro to a tornado.    Erwin is a state and national school of character and is showing how character matters during difficult times.

Alamance Elementary made room for them and Erwin is saying thank you for making them feel like they are back at Erwin. The community surrounding Erwin has also donated many supplies to the school.

The students made “Thank You” cards for Alamance Elementary and the community members as a way to show their appreciation.  Mary Young, an art teacher at Erwin says the thank you cards allow Erwin students to share what they are thinking. “Art gives you a chance to express yourself and express your feelings in a safe way,” Young said. “We talked about how good we feel now and how scared we were. But now we are feeling good.”

“Thank you Alamance for letting us into your school,” said a student. “We are really thankful and together we are strong.”

Erwin is still in need of child-sized dustpans and brooms. If you would like to donate any schools supplies to the school for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year please contact Dr. Deborah Parker at