Durham Bulls Launch Anti-Bullying School Program

Durham Bulls

The Durham Bulls launched a “Bully Busters” campaign to raise awareness about bullying in elementary schools. The star mascot, Wool E. Bull will provide  school assemblies and motivate students to stop bullying before it starts.  Learn more about the program and how you can book Wool E. Bull to come to your school!

2 Responses

  • Would you be able to come to Virginia, just across the state line to South Boston, VA for a program? We are about 1 hour from the Durham Bulls stadium and many of our kids come to see the games there.
    Thank you for considering,

  • I am the Site Coordinator at the 21st Century after school program for DHA. My site is located in the Cornwallis Housing Project. Is it possible that you could come out sometime to provide the students with the anti-bullying skit? I have seen you at several different schools in the last couple of years and I really enjoy the program. I feel like it is very helpful. Please contact me by email or you can call me at (919)685-2617. Thank you!