Dudley High Grad Wins New Car at Cool to Serve

Lindsay James, a Dudley High  graduate earned a new set of wheels to take her off to college in the fall. Lindsay was the  winner at Guilford County Schools’ Cool to Serve event Sunday and chose the lucky key that opened the door to a blue 2015 Dodge Dart. The event is sponsored by Joseph M. Bryan Foundation and Guilford Education Alliance, with assistance from Ilderton Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram.     car1

Cool to Serve, now in its fourth year, is a celebration for students who earn a service-learning diploma by recording at least 250 hours of service, or a service-learning exemplary award for recording at least 100 hours of service. Lindsay was one of a record 599 students who qualified for the diploma and had the chance to win the car.

Lindsay received most of her hours by working with children. She volunteered with Greensboro Parks and Recreation, where she served as a counselor in training to students in need during the summer, and also worked in early childhood development programs. She says what she loved most about volunteering was hearing the stories of the children she helped and being able to share hers with them.

A record 1,137 students from the Class of 2015 were invited to Cool to Serve, held at High Point Theatre. Dudley High, where Lindsay attended high school, was recognized for having the most graduates, 145, with either the service-learning diploma or the service-learning exemplary award. Penn-Griffin School for the Arts was also commended for having 100 percent of its graduates earn service-learning recognition.

Four students who were honored for most impactful service and received scholarships from NobleHour: Fernando Zamora Jimenez of The Academy at Central, Kenneth Brown from Smith High, Sel H of Dudley High and Josiah McLean of Page High. Three teachers were also highlighted for their efforts: Kathleen Saunders of Grimsley High, Katherine Cranfill of The Middle College at GTCC-High Point and Lindsay Russell of Southeast High. Eduardo Cervantes of Page High, Jessica Webster of Grimsley High, Ashalee Noble from Dudley High and Dante Alford from Andrews High all were recognized for having the most hours of service in their region.

In the past five years since the award and diploma were first established, GCS students have recorded more than 1 million hours of service-learning time, at an estimated value to the community of more than $21 million.