Cougar Watch Program Helps Stop Bullying

Check out what South Brunswick Middle School in Brunswick County is doing at their school to stop bullying.  Click here for a more details about how teacher Kayce Smith started the club, and how you can implement an approach that fits your school.


Here is what South Brunswick 6th grader,  Bryana Shirley had to say about what Cougar Watch means to her…..

Student A

“Cougar Watch means a lot to me. I joined the club because I have been through a bullying experience and I know how much it can affect a person’s life. I feel like going to Cougar Watch brings me closer to other kids who have experienced bullying too. I am also meeting new people from different grades that I never would’ve met before. Just after being in the club not even a whole school year I have felt a change on how I see bullying. When we do any of our projects it excites me to know that I am teaching somebody else a little more information on how to stand up to bullying. Just by knowing how to be an active bystander can eliminate a lot more bullying cases than you realize. I feel it is very important to know how to stand up to bullying. Cougar Watch is important in my life because it gets me out and being social, while teaching everyone else a good lesson about bullying. I really enjoy going to Cougar Watch and plan on doing it my 7th and 8th grade years.”