Carrington Students Start the Year Off With the Right Mindset

Heather Althaus is a 6th-grade math teacher at Carrington Middle School in Durham, North Carolina.  She wanted to start the year off with an assignment that helped students develop a growth mindset and understand perseverance.

She understands that for many of her student’s 6th grade will be a challenge academically, socially, and emotionally.  She assigned each of her students a person in history who demonstrated perseverance to research. She instructed her students to design a poster and give a 2-minute presentation that demonstrates how the individual persevered through adversity. For many students, this was an excellent opportunity to introduce or review what “adversity” and “perseverance” meant.

Ms. Althaus allowed students to create a #hashtag about their individual.  The hashtag could be something that represents the person, what he or she would say, or a way to remember the person today. Once all students presented, the team voted for their favorite #hashtags.


Their team voted on #UNSTOPPABLE for their team motto! 

This is an excellent character lesson for students at the beginning of the year.  Students need to understand that assignments and tasks in 6th grade will be challenging. There will be days that may test their patience and dedication.  At times they may feel like giving up.  During these moments, students can remember the lessons of bravery, courage, and strength from this assignment and apply them to their own lives, despite their circumstances. They can persevere through difficult assignments, challenging situations, and the circumstances that life may bring them.

Check out some of her student’s posters and hashtags.

#dreamon #hawkon #followyourdreams #changeyourmindchangeyourlife

Keep showing perseverance cougars and how #CharacterMatters!