Brooks Global Understands the Impact of Giving to Communities Around the World

The students and staff at Brooks Global Studies has completed a one school, one book reading of One Hen.  This book tells the story of a boy in Ghana, Kojo, and how the microloan of one hen changes the future of his family.  All students read the story and completed integrated activities, from measuring eggs to reflecting on Kojo’s character traits and challenges to identifying the effects of the hen being given to the school.  One class carried eggs to see how difficult it is to care for an egg!

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The School hosted two Parent Book Clubs where one of our parents read the story and asked questions to other parents about how we teach our children the lessons Kojo learned and demonstrate the impact they can make in their world!  Parents wrote their take-aways on wooden eggs.

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As a result of the book study, students then began researching Heifer International and how they provide animals to communities.  Each student was challenged to earn $1.00 to contribute to a class effort to purchase a flock of chicks to give through Heifer International.  They created a school “coop” and teachers added their names as their class earned the flock! Students then researched the different animals Heifer provides and wrote persuasive essays and posters about how which animals we should give as a school community.

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The students help a talent show to display all of the different persuasive work about the animals and families could use their admissions ticket to vote for which animal the school would donate!  The children were VERY pulled to the animals they researched

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As a result, Brooks Global donated THIRTY FLOCKS OF CHICKS (600 total), ONE COW and ONE GOAT!   Most importantly, all 410 students engaged in great thinking about how to impact the world around them and show empathy to others.